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Alot of you have asked about optimization and FPS. Heres my Unity Bible entry on what you shout do for optimization:

--All assets should have LODS, and adjusted correctly.
-Adjusting the far/near clipping planes on the camera.
-Increase the pixel error. This results in more significant height-popping of terrain subsections.
-Increase the detail distance (the distance that grass and detail meshes are visible).
-Decrease the tree distance (the distance beyond which trees aren't drawn at all).
-Decrease the billboard start (the distance at which tree meshes are replaced with billboards).
-Reduce the Max Mesh Trees (the maximum number of trees which are displayed as meshes at any one time - any others will be displayed as billboards regardless of their proximity).
-Remove reflection probes.
-Use texture atlas.
-If Minimap: use texture/screenshot of the world instead of camera, if possible.
-Bake occlusion culling.
-Reduce models polygons.
-Bake lightmaps, static/baked lightmaps.
-Delete parts of models not needed.
-Reduce number of textures per model.
-Take off shadows on objects not needed.
-Scale down textures, if needed - 2048 for high detail, 1024 for mid detail, 512 for low detail.
-Directional light - should be yellow-ish tint.
-Color Space: linear.
-Ambient light (if used): blue tint
-Adjust light intensity.
-Chunk/split up terrain and stream terrain tiles.

Topic starter Posted : 18/06/2020 7:13 am