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Swamp Area WIP Video

The swamp area is almost done, a few things to do. Ive also taken out the health and ammo that was on screen, as they will be moved and changed. Ill be starting on the lake or desert next. Heres a video update:

Revised Swamp

Did alot of work this weekend, and revised the swamp area. Much better, with lots of kapok trees with hanging vines, dead trees, and has a great look and feel. Ill be adjusting the kapoks leaves and vines color next, and adding in stumps, etc.


Well, things are starting to ramp up. Ive added in dead trees, and most all plant species. Next ill be adding fish in the water. To show scale and set up, im adding in the dinos as i go, but note they are not in EmeraldAI just yet, but are scaled correctly and still need some texture work (yes he looks like he just went to the dentist, lol).

The swamp area will have these guys Baryonyx (fish eaters), and the large gators, Sarcosuchus. Unlike JE, JE-WoC will have dinos fighting each another in different areas. Heres a progress shot:

Waterfall/Swamp Area Progress

Yo, did alot of work to the waterfall/swamp area, and its really starting to look good. Next will be foliage (dead trees, stumps, water plants, grass, etc.). Heres the updates:

  • Finished all rocks, might add just a few on raised areas.
  • Adjusted the waterfalls audio cutoff range.
  • Swamp floor has its own rock ground texture, and raised areas have the normal jungle/forest ground texture.

Heres the eye candy:

Waterfall Area Update

Sup guys! Had time to dev out the waterfall area. Started adding in secondary rocks, and kapok trees. Now this has most all PPE added in (including Beautify), accept for tone mapping. Reason is im having an issue with tone mapping and Aquas underwater effects.

I have it solved, but may use a different water/controller asset, will have to see, but not a problem (it has to do with caustics/camera support for multiple water planes). Im real happy with the workflow, and its results. Has actually been real fun.

Ive been thinking about doing a dev-log/teaching type video series, starting with the bare basics of Unity, and then into the dev process of 3D realism, and the dev of JE-WoC itself.

Heres a video of the waterfall areas progress:


This is the waterfall i added in, which is on the north end of the lake (has great sound effects, and misty fog particle effects at the bottom). At the bottom of the weaterfall will be a river or swamp area, with dinos, but be careful when in this area, its close to the enemy base camp:

Project Workflow

Wanted to outline alot of the features/info about the project:

  • There will be trails to follow around the island. Now you dont have to follow them, but is advised.
  • There will be ocean and lake creatures, so anytime your in the water, theres danger.
  • Enemy para-military will have a main base, and remote bases around the island.
  • In the north they have a harbor and storage facility.
  • The HUD will be totally re-designed, with as little on screen as possible.
  • I have so many more creatures, (dinos, sea creatures, birds, flies, crabs, spiders, etc.) than JE ever had. All pre-tested (40+ models).

Ive been working all night long, and the oasis/desert is roughed out (palms/plants will only grow around the water supply), and the lake is also roughed out (kapoks added, Aquas water added), next will be the waterfall on the northern side. Right now i have the stock JE UFPS controller in, so i think a FPS view will win, no matter controller choice, lol.

Oasis Update

Heya guys, to save dev time, what i have done was take the final build of JE, stripped out whats not needed for JE-WoC, and import the new terrain into a single scene. So that all of the JE assets are exactly the same detail and quality as JE, but now in a open-world senario.

Im hoping to have the desrt area finished enough this week, so i can move on to the lake area. Heres a SS of the palm trees and new kapok tree being put in as we speak:

New Kapoks!

Ive added the windzone, and something different to JE, a new Kapok tree. Now, it needs shader work, as the alpha cutoff, and texture culling/face support, needs to be addressed, and will be. But heres the current render, alot better than JE’s orig Kapok. Vines that extend down the trunk, and hanging vines are just long enough:

Desert Progress

Had some time to add in the palm trees to the desert area (prefabs). Next will be rocks, dead trees, etc. What im doing to start off is less dense foliage for now. Heres why, less overhead performance-wise, and leaves more room for dinos to move around. Now as the project progresses, if performance allows, ill add more denser foliage.

Once the rocks are added, it will look great, a good starting base. Some of you may have noticed, ive changed/darkened the basic terrain texture. Ive studied island terrains in the area of costa rica, and its a dark type soil. I will have greener areas, as forest, jungle, etc. but the darker soil will prevail in alot of areas. This is a close texture to that, with an increased normal map scale: