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Heya guys, well i tried “crunch compression”, to bring the file size down but didnt work so well. The size came down, but i can see the effect in game, and i know why. JE is built for HD type gfx, as well as being fully 4k. The crunch compression was the only thing changed, and JE didnt like it, lol.

No loss, over 2 gb aint too bad for a 9 level game like this. I played the complete game a few times last night, and couldnt stop, lol. Ive updated some of the narration, and adjusted some animation, here and there. More updates this weekend.

Late Update

Sorry for the late update, still here, work has been taking up most of my time right now (spring/summer season is our busiest). The build is around 2.5 GB, as im looking into ways of decreasing the size as much as possible, and a few last minute changes..

I have a few select people that have the game already, reports are mostly “good performance” and “great GFX”. Ill be testing builds for the next few nights, and will update when i can.

Reports And Promotion

From reports, looks like everyone enjoyed the latest demo. Ill be finishing small details and will be compiling/making a build of the complete game by this weekend. Initial release will be Steam, but need to get some promotion done, something im not too good at, but must do, lol.

2nd Demo Is Here!

As promised, heres the demo for level 6, the night time level. Now you get to encounter the Giant Snake! Enjoy, and please post any feedback:


A friend of mine on the Unity Forums made a comment about spare time… My reply:

Spare time? Whats that?, lol (FT job, personal classes 4 x a week, teach 2 classes a week, JE, and 1 other project, occasional work on a MMO server emulator, and try to help on the forum). The forum has been acting up on me too, im sure they will sort it out.

I compiled/built the 2nd demo tonight, and play tested it a few times, looks good, and .7zip file is only 260mb. Most all levels are around 250mb, and i have 9 levels, (dont make me do the math for you, lol). Sorry im late, work on the MMO went longer than i thought. Will try to upload tonight, but im burnt out, Need sleep, lol


Heya guys, the 2nd demo is compiled/built and will be released this coming monday-tuesday, as ive been called back into action for the weekend, on a server emulator (modeling, textures, and scripting). Ill pop in when i can. I also finished work on the main menu, and heres a short clip of the ending credits:

Level 6 Demo

Heres a SS of level 6, the pachys almost look like a rock, when sleeping:

2nd Demo Update

The level 6 demo is compiled and tested. But, please remember. This is a rainy, dusk/night (other levels have this) type setting. Now, some of the dinos sleep at night time, so keep that in mind (more than 1 level has sleeping dinos).

The atmosphere changes with levels. Theres: day time, night, sunny day on the beach, rainy darker, swampy, etc. Will update as changes are made 


ROE Creatures

I have 2 new systems being tested out. Day/Night/Time, and Weather Systems. I spent about 45 minutes tonight (before i work on JE) just importing needed assets for ROE, lol. I also have a list of creatures planned/ready, and will be adding more soon:

  • Enemy Soldiers (rifle weapons).
  • Turtles.
  • Crabs.
  • 3 Types of birds (seagull, bats, crows).
  • 3 types of spiders (basic, turantula, black widow).
  • Dinosaurs (too many to list)
  • Poisonous Plants (attack/bite with poison).
  • 5 Types Of Fish (for ocean, watering holes, etc.).
  • Yeti/Early Human.
  • Swarm of flys (for dead bodies, etc.).

Ive also been working on dead bodies/carcasses/body parts, and im working on setting up gore/blood volume effects, maybe particle based, we will see. A SS of looking up to the cross over:

ROE Visual Cues

Watering Hole SS. Now, if you look to the right side, youll see a different shadow, this would make me look up. This is how you figure out how to get to the mountain tops, by rope bridges… Visual Cues… 🙂