Project Workflow

Wanted to outline alot of the features/info about the project:

  • There will be trails to follow around the island. Now you dont have to follow them, but is advised.
  • There will be ocean and lake creatures, so anytime your in the water, theres danger.
  • Enemy para-military will have a main base, and remote bases around the island.
  • In the north they have a harbor and storage facility.
  • The HUD will be totally re-designed, with as little on screen as possible.
  • I have so many more creatures, (dinos, sea creatures, birds, flies, crabs, spiders, etc.) than JE ever had. All pre-tested (40+ models).

Ive been working all night long, and the oasis/desert is roughed out (palms/plants will only grow around the water supply), and the lake is also roughed out (kapoks added, Aquas water added), next will be the waterfall on the northern side. Right now i have the stock JE UFPS controller in, so i think a FPS view will win, no matter controller choice, lol.

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