Workflow Map

Ok, anytime you create a map/terrain for your game, its wise to plan it out. Easiest way is to take a SS of the map from an “above” perspective. Now take that screenshot, open in Gimp (my fav) or Photoshop, and plan out your layout as you will see.

Also, Aquas has won for water, i know it inside out, is performant (once you strip out certain features, and use only needed ones, then optimize), and gives me underwater effects, as well as lenz water that you see in JE. The lake water hasnt been added in this SS, its only for a planning purpose. The terrain is now scaled correctly to 2048, and still at 3 MS. Now please remember, once all objects have been added (and at the end of the project), i have at least a 30 FPS+ window by using SECTR, for terrain chunck streaming). Here it is, with locations marked:

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