Jurassic Extinction – World of Carnage

Hey guys! It now official…After the release of Jurassic Extinction, ive had time in between teaching/dev time, to begin prototyping the next workflow. Heres a basic list:

  • A large open-world dino game.
  • A paid, on Steam/UE/Amazon, release, with expansions/DLC.
  • Terrain chunk Streaming with SECTR.
  • 3rd person controller, with a companion/pet (Invector is my current choice).
  • More Advanced AI system.
  • Animation will be root based (better movement), and more interaction.
  • A quest/objective waypoint system.

Basicly, the smoothness/performance you see with JE (in 4K), into a large open world senario.
Many more creatures (turtles, flys, birds, crabs, flying Pteranodons, etc.) then was in JE,
highly realistic. Currently working on terrain/map. I will be posting full length videos, with
much more information (technical and other-wise).

Now, with that said, heres an example/test of what root motion is like, but your companion wont be a dog, lol, it will be a dino you meet!:

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