Heya guys!. The “coming soon” page for JE has been up for a few days (you can find it here: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1636860/Jurassic_Extinction) and still working on the release build. During this, ive been taking time off from game dev to play a few games, and refresh my creativity.

No matter what i want to do next, it really should be done with at least a small team. Regardless if its a 3D RPG, Top Down RPG, FPS, or MMO. With my vision, its too much for just 1 person.

Us indie devs always try to find shortcuts, and workarounds, to better our games to look even half as good as the AAA studios out there with teams of people. TBH, to create a game remotely like that, you need a team.

So either i set up a team, or lower my vision to something i can do alone. Not sure yet, but have a few great ideas in testing…

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