Monthly Archives: May 2021

Current Update

Heya guys, everything with Steam is all set for the release of JE, just waiting on confirmation, then set up the “Coming Soon” page (im sure alot of you know about the Steam process, alot of waiting, lol).

While setting up JE for release, ive made the decision to stop working on the HDRP version. It wont be finished before the deadline, and its not looking good enough for a release (bad under-water effects, shader probs, etc.).Alot have asked whats next, after JE. As you know i cant sit idle, and started developing a very different and interesting project, called Eldara (more on that later).

With JE about to be released, i must forge on, and a litle hint if your using the Invector series of controllers, Invector does NOT like the camera being a child object. youll learn that fast…lol.