Sorry for such a late update, but im having major internet probs. Im currently looking for a new provider, not easy, as the 3 i contacted say due to the pandemic, theres a 3-6 week wait, wth?. So im stuck with my cell phone hotspot, till i get a new provider. I hate dealing with these people, lol.

On the good side, the build works great, no errors, runs just like the demos. I decided to continue where i left off with HDRP version. When i booted it up, i was like damn! this looks insane!. Ill be working on it till i get a new internet provider, then ill upload and release JE, and hopefully will have the HDRP version finished by then, as its real close to done.

So hold on, its coming, im not dead of have COVID, lol. Will keep you up to dateā€¦

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