Daily Archives: March 8, 2021

ROE Alpha Update

Heya guys, wanted to update, as big changes have been made. The biggest has been Aquas. If you use it, you better be good at optimization. After todays updates and heavy optimization of all assets, ive gone from around 27ms/35fps to what your about to see (still without SECTR). With this open-world, and its systems/workflow. Ill have no problem getting killer good performance, and can be done up to 8k terrains:

  • Aquas has been optimized (a resource hog, reflections are the worst).
  • Lighting has been updated (intensity, angle), and the color temp (tone mapping) adjusted.
  • Water color/hue adjusted, now looks real (speed and waves need adjusting).
  • Shoreline turtles are now animated and have AI.
  • Shadows have been decreased a bit (and have cascade support).
  • All textures (minus decals and terrain) have mipmap support, and are static batched.