EFX New Title

Sup guys, wanted to announce my next project (after Jurassic Extinction), Remnant Of Evolution. When i started JE 1 1/2 yrs ago, an open-world large map (but performant), was out of my grasp. Not any longer. During my lessons, and the developing of JE, this project has always been there, and i work on it when i can, not a priority right now, but my love. My teacher loves it, and says “its dev growth, youll learn alot from an open-world concept”.

Remnant Of Evolution is a large 2048×2048 full blown island terrain, made with Gaia. Ill be using SECTR to chunk stream terrain, and loads only chunks that are in cameras view. Only downside is i cant add SECTR till i have it all built (terrain textures, foliage, objects, etc.). Now, i have 3/4’s of the island built, with all rocks and trees, (no plants or grass yet), with RFPS controller, and im still at 60fps, not bad. Once the island is finished, i should be around 40fps, but SECTR, and other systems, will balance that out, around 60fps in the end.

Ill also be using a performant grass far better than Unity’s. The island has many areas: swamp, mountain tops, watering holes, cave, shoreline, inland lake, enemy encampments (you aint the only one there), etc. Alot of systems will be added as time goes on, but this is a “live environment”, everything from birds, to dinos, humans, sea turtles, fish, crabs, snakes, and even plants that can cause dmg (poisen, etc.).

Now for some eye candy (WIP):

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