Daily Archives: March 3, 2021

Update And Info

Heya guys, glad alot of people are enjoying the Demo, have alot of positive feedback. Tonight was very busy, i taught a class, then i had class myself, lol. I was talking with my teacher after class and he had a convincing idea, which is to release 1 more demo, so ill be playing the 9 levels, and decide on one. Details later.

Tonight during class i was asked a good question: “If you use 1 directional light, and you look at the backside (opposite direction), it looks like crap”. So i explained a trick most all of us know. You set up a 2nd directional light, and turn off shadows. Now you place it in the opposite direction of the 1st directional light, to counter that effect.

Heres a SS from my open-world survival island project, where i use that same set up, and you can control and set both directional lights to a desired effect: