UI Adjustment

Per Antipodish, and 25+ other reports, ive adjusted the options menu. The drop-downs now have a dark BG, better to see, and the main BG now is set as an in-game image. Thnx to those who took the time to comment and gave feedback, though theres a lack of that here on this thread. The website, social media, beta testers, and PM’s/e-mails/texts, had a better resonse.

If theres anything you see thats out of place, needs attention, or you would like to see, please let me know, as i only have so many beta testers. Also looking into improving the Audio section, as some have noticed that the Audio Voices function/slider doesnt work. Thats because i have a complete audio mixer set up for JE. So i need to work on sorting out the integration of that mixer, into the UI. Heres the update:

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