Please Slap Me…LOL

Ive been bad lately, i have found a new toy, and im addicted…bad. I cant stop using the newly released Flax Engine. It truly is a mix between UE and Unity. Heres why im addicted to it, biggest thing is auto terrain chunk streaming, alot of us would love that feature in Unity:

Light Weight, under a GB.
Simple HUD, with full documentation. (nice to see a simple, HUD with documentation on hand).
Very fast opening of a project or play mode. (scary fast, lol).
Terrain has built-in chunk streaming. (best feature ever for large open worlds).
Material Editor (node based/visual). (you can spend hours creating).
Post Effects are global or by Volume. (want different Post Effects, in different areas?).
C# and C++ support. (pick your poison).
Automatic draw calls, batching and instancing. (one less thing to do, lol).
Cross platform support (Windows, Linux, Android, PS4. Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, UWP).
Visual Scripting. (used it before, would rather write).
Hot-reloading C#/C++ in Editor. (very cool to hot load script changes).
Full source code available.

If you dont at least try this engine your a fool. I know, “alot of engines come out and flop”, and etc., heard that for years, but ive really investigated/followed it before trying it, and the engine itself is amazing, like Unity on steroids, with features we all have wanted. But nothing really beats UE or Unity…yet. Its just nice to have a competitor to UE and Unity. I mean no disrespect to Unity by posting this, just wanted to share a find/knowledge. Ill always be using Unity as my main engine, but FE is hard to put down, lol.