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Demo Is Here!

Sup guys, sorry im late (had to work late last night). Heres the intro/level 1 Demo, now remember this is a 4k game, so if you dont have a decent video card (no on board video), or it might not run so well, but you can try different settings/options.

Just a demo to get any feedback, or comments. Personaly i have a bunch of copies out there on different rigs, and so far it plays on alot of them, but the better the system is, the better it looks and plays. Enjoy:

Demo Update!

Heres the most recent post from the official Unity JE Thread:

Great news!, ill be hosting the demo on my own server, ill upload it tomorrow night (have class tonight). What ive done is, for the past 2 days ive released the demo to close friends, family, my teacher (hes had it for months, lol), and people i know personally, as they are my backbone support.

Next is here, to you guys, my second family. I really appreciate any support, and ive had meetings with promoters, but they want such a large cut, that id be better off promoting JE myself, which is the next step. During all of this, ive squeezed out enough time to work on the next project, and the workflow is working out better than expected. 


Builtin/Demo Update

Exciting news!, the Demo is done, and built with a new UI menu. All options work, audio, video, etc., and Hosting has been a PITA, to say the least. Heres the new menu:

HDRP Level 7

JE HDRP update, did alot of work to level 7 over the past 3 nights. I love the main and secondary colors of the foliage, nice to have accents like that:

Guilty Update

On the new project got a chance to adjust light exposure/tone mapping/color grading, to add a warm tone type look. And these are the prehistoric crabs, ill be adding their AI next:


Alot of you may think im spending time with the newly released Flax Engine, not really… i created a “Test Scene” for it, and worked out well, but, nothing could be farther from the truth. Ever since i started the JE idea, ive always wanted a true “Open World” experience, but had performance probs, not anymore…

SECTR by Procedural Worlds is key. I can now chunk stream terrain and more. But SECTR basicly needs to be added towards the end of a project, in order to know what objects to be processed. Im also using a new system for procedural spawning. So in my spare time ive created an “open world” project in Unity, that im totally addicted to…

A complete large scale island, free to explore, open world survival, all types of enemies/creatures to encounter. Everything from a pre-historic crab, to a dinosaur, or other human contacts, your choice… Wanna be a wuss and follow the shoreline, to get to the other side of the island?, go ahead…, you will still encounter sea turtles, pre-historic crabs, etc. Wanna cut straight through the island, and encounter more enemy, and have a challenge? Once again, up to you…

SS of said project running at 80FPS base, 2019 4.8f1 (LTS), with 40% foliage added. This is a Gaia created terrain, of a large island (2048×2048), Builtin renderer, PPE and Beautify combo for camera effects, and a new controller with alot more function then UFPS v1.7.5. In the raft to the right, you will find food, a bow, and some arrows. (yes hunger and thirst is planned). Dont let anyone tell you Unity cant do something, or is a lesser engine, Unity is an endless learning tool. The JE intro level demo is almost done (Builtin), just waiting on set up of hosting:

Now, isnt that the dream of all of us devs? To always progress forward, learn, to create that 1 great vision you had when you started your journey, with the gained knowlege, and newest tech?. I never neglect JE, i work on it for 4 hours a day, the remaining 2-3 hours i work on this project…

Demo Update

Sorry ive been gone lately, been real busy with JE. Ive done alot of work to the Builtin version and the HDRP version. Builtin has all dialogue added, and its funny to see the 1 liners, lol. Both are looking good. Ill have a little surprise by weekends end, yes… its demo time 🙂 Ill be setting up hosting and will update with details soon.

Ive played the demo build many times, and have to say, the builtin with 4k textures, with Beautify and PPE mix…lookin real good. Everywhere you look, high detail, close up, or far away. Heres a video of level 3, a fight with T-Rex (yes i lost, lol), pay close attention to the detail. Ive worked damn hard at sqeezing out as much GFX/Camera Effects in Builtin, as possible, and it has paid off:

Side note: ive always loved the Temperature Setting/Option, on the directional light in HDRP, well you can also have that in Builtin. I may need to adjust it a bit more agressively… but it adds a really good warm type look with hue.

Site Update

Ive opened the site up, but if i see 1, watch selling, or blog writing post, your deleted, and if deletions get too big, ill shut it down, i have better things to do…

Please Slap Me…LOL

Ive been bad lately, i have found a new toy, and im addicted…bad. I cant stop using the newly released Flax Engine. It truly is a mix between UE and Unity. Heres why im addicted to it, biggest thing is auto terrain chunk streaming, alot of us would love that feature in Unity:

Light Weight, under a GB.
Simple HUD, with full documentation. (nice to see a simple, HUD with documentation on hand).
Very fast opening of a project or play mode. (scary fast, lol).
Terrain has built-in chunk streaming. (best feature ever for large open worlds).
Material Editor (node based/visual). (you can spend hours creating).
Post Effects are global or by Volume. (want different Post Effects, in different areas?).
C# and C++ support. (pick your poison).
Automatic draw calls, batching and instancing. (one less thing to do, lol).
Cross platform support (Windows, Linux, Android, PS4. Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, UWP).
Visual Scripting. (used it before, would rather write).
Hot-reloading C#/C++ in Editor. (very cool to hot load script changes).
Full source code available.

If you dont at least try this engine your a fool. I know, “alot of engines come out and flop”, and etc., heard that for years, but ive really investigated/followed it before trying it, and the engine itself is amazing, like Unity on steroids, with features we all have wanted. But nothing really beats UE or Unity…yet. Its just nice to have a competitor to UE and Unity. I mean no disrespect to Unity by posting this, just wanted to share a find/knowledge. Ill always be using Unity as my main engine, but FE is hard to put down, lol.