GamePlay Question

Someone asked about gameplay plans on the Unity Forums, my reply: I posted the storyline here a bit ago, but i plan it to be inbetween both. There will be a storyline played out with dialogue and audio, or cutscenes.

Example: while playing level 1, you come across a dead body, who looks like your boss who was on the plane when you all bailed out (its in all level 1 videos, a skeleton with a familiar gun holster). When you see the body, a cutscene will play, or dialogue/audio will play. “Omar?, but that cant be you, your decomposed?, we just jumped a few hours ago?”. “Whats going on here?”. You also meet a survivor of the island in level 4, etc.

Cutscenes are great, but i dont want to load up on them, so many games ive played over the years have way too many cutscenes (bloatware), its like watching the game, not playing it. While you play youll hear things like: “where the hell am i?”, “what in gods name is that?” “are the others here?”, etc. I want to hear the main character talk, its more personal.