HDRP Controller?

Been working on JE HDRP tonight, and its got to that point where i need to decide on a controller. UFPS is good in HDRP, but it shows its age. I have 1 more 1st person controller that works great in HDRP, and its used in my latest (un-announced) game, Direct Contact. Its a heavily modified version of RFPS Prefab.

RFPS Prefab is a bit old too, but runs great (code-wise), and functions awesome in HDRP. So this could bring alot to JE HDRP. Wasnt going to do this but, heres video of a prototype version of Direct Contact, so you can see the controller functions i like. The blood spatter/decal is just right, more available weapons and pick ups, explodable objects, and performance is great, DC runs at 70+ FPS, in HDRP. Worst case senario, i switch to UFPS v2.0: