HDRP Rain!

A small update, but a cool achivement. As we all know theres no “rain” asset on the store for HDRP, but i needed rain for a few of the levels in JE HDRP. So ive ported Rain Maker asset to HDRP!. I use Rain Maker in the builtin version, so it was natural to port it over.

I changed the texture/shape of the rain drop, then hue’d it for color. I used the stock HDRP Lit shader, as im able to color/hue the Base Map, use Metallic for darkening/wet look, and Smoothness for reflectivity. With rain you never add a Normal Map. I have a ton of shaders for HDRP, but the HDRP Lit really fit well. BTW, one of my students said “you cant add rain, as theres no asset available for it in HDRP, so it must not be supported”, ummm…hey GD65, ill see you in classs tomorrow, lol: