Optimization Info

Sup guys, ive done some optimization the last few nights, and the gain in fps/ms is real good. Heres a piece from my optimization section of my unity bible, but applies to any game engine, as i always say, “if your not using it, shut it off, less is better”:

Generate Mipmaps: true (make sure to add streaming mipmaps in project/quality settings).
Max Size: 1024 (adjust as needed for detail).
Compression: low quality (Lower Disc Size).
Max Size: minimum.
Atlas textures: as much as possible.
Remove Alpha Channel.
Disable: read/write enabled.
16bit Over 32bit color.
Disable Mipmaps for UI.
Disable Streaming Mipmaps On: decal projector textures, refection probe textures, terrain textures.
Mesh Compression: use agressive compression.
Disable: read/write enabled.
Rig: if not using any animation, disable Rig, doesnt need it.
Blendshapes: disable if not using.
Normals And Tangents: if material is not using, disable.

Most of all, with models, make sure to reduce tri/poly as much as possible, without bad visual effect. JE is optimized this way, better fps/ms, but with Beautify and PPE’s, you can bring out HD type effect (sharpen, and AA most important). Just passing on useful info, (miss teaching), stay safe brothers, the world is a bit off at the moment, lol.