Update, BG Work

Sorry for the late update, as a good friend on mine, was having alot of probs with his MMO game. Had to impliment/set up, HD textures/mats, into a game that has never had HD before, but is more than capable of doing so, even though its a 10+ year old game engine. Result?, very good, a bit more taxing on the GPU, but worth the tradeoff. Ill leave the server/client side networking to the rest of the team.

While doing background work on JE, ive been play testing alot, of every level. One dino that came out exceptional is Gigantosaurus. I just love how his movement came out, not the best, but damn close. I spend hours watching the dinos walk around, eat other dinos, etc. but giganto is one of the better ones. His texture/skin, the bend down low, stop and stare, are traits of the lizard family. Some eye candy, right before i shot him (by mistake), and he ate my face off, lol: