Final Area 2 WIP

Ok, ive done alot of work on area 2 tonight, and some changes/decisions have been made, and please remember guys, STICK TO YOUR WORKFLOW, if you stop to worry about every little detail, youll never progress:

  • Dimorphodons have been added in, and set up.
  • Pteranodons added and set up.
  • All custom navmesh surfaces set up on high rocks and etc.

Now, area 2 and the dinos are all basicly set up. Im going to have to make a custom ragdoll for the fliers, (that will be fun, lol), so they can fly higher and have more realism. But that will have to wait. As i need to get all areas basicly set up (workflow), before i go into details. Next ill be setting up area 3. Heres final WIP for area 2, i like how this area came out: