New Level, Area 1

Hey guys, done alot to area 1 of the new level, its mostly done, and will be finishing it up tonight. Ill be starting on area 2 tomorrow, cant wait, got alot planned for it (breakable wall, fliers, and log bridges to fall off of, lol. Area 1 came out great, and the ankylosaurs should be set with their movement/animation in a few hours.

Area 3 will have 2 protoceratops, and like their kin, they are heavily armored, so killing them wont be easy, havent decided weapon for them yet, but will be shotgun or assault rifle. Currently this level is running at 170 fps, so by the time the level is done, it should be around (at lowest) 70-80 fps, maybe a bit higher. Heres the eye candy: