More Levels

Sup guys, great news. What im doing is taking the best levels from v2 and the current, and combining them. Now, heres why: some of the levels from v2 (3 of them) were well made and have a real fun feel to them, and fun is where its at.

Ive also looked at other factors, like visual, environmental, and gfx (how it looks, and feels). I have to say, this is killer good, as JE will now have more levels (around 10), which i like, and will have the same nice gfx/PPE like the current version. I spent a few hours tweaking and setting up level 1 from v2, and wow, far better gfx/PPE, and the performance with just a few optimization changes, is in the high 70’s.

Remember, as a few have stated here on the forum…take your time, do it right, and be realistic. Well with the pandemic, and world unrest, id be a fool to release anything until this all is over, and stable. Do it right?, check. JE has gone through Builtin, HDRP, and 3 prototypes. Im all set, and so is the path, and JE only gets better, the SS’s and video’s show it. Ill have video soon, its looking good, heres 2 SS”s from the converted level 1 of v2, the Dilo Den, and the Raptor Ravine 🙂