I had a new student tonight, that signed up for my Unity game dev classes, a “newbie”. Now mind you, i use video conference software, where i can see the students and their comp screens. Class starts, going great, then he asks “isnt there a prog that can do that for me?”. “Sorry, no, there isnt”. 20 mins later he asks the same question, lol. I can see the other students reactions.

Typical generation, wants everything done for them. So in a cool way i told him, “no offence, but maybe game dev isnt for you, as you have to learn C# and systems, and work hard to be one, there is no easy button”. His screen went black… 1st time ive had a student rage quit. Dont be an ass, just because something wont do everything for you, and disrupt the other students, who ARE here to learn and pay their dues.

Shining example of a generation to come….lol. Good luck.