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Ive been asked many times, Q) how do you build levels so fast?

A) It all has to do with pre-set up of the projects assets (trees, dinos, rocks, NPCs, grass, etc. everything). Before i even begin to dev a scene, i spend the time to pre-set up all assets (mats and texture resolution, modification, model import, batching, mip map streaming, etc.), then pre-optimize them (static batching, occlution culling, camera effects, shadows, wind, texture res reduction, poly reduction, etc.). So if all your assets are done (pre-optimized and set up), now when you use them in all your levels, you dont have to do anything more.

If you dont, you will find yourself having to keep coming back to the asset, and having to adjust it, over and over. So do it ahead of time. Now if you add assets while building the game, you only have to pre-set up the new assets. This once again speeds up dev time, greatly.

So thats how i dev a level so fast, as well as other workflows i use. I can complete a level in Jurassic Extinction in 2-3 days, and each level has 3 or more areas. I set up and place my assets (trees, rocks, complete foliage, etc.), then scale and place dinos, add their AI, adjust it, and finish off post processing effects, and gfx.

Best to you and your project 🙂

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