Play Test

After some work on level 7 tonight, i decided… “hey, i havent played or seen all the other levels in weeks”. So i played all the levels, and it was so good to see all my dinos, and how good the levels are. It really looks good, and its so nice to have all the levels made, so you can make what i call “final passes” to them (audio, dino movement/animation/behavior, gfx, environment, UI, cutscenes/dialogue, etc.).

While playing, i can see how its going to look with all the final passes done. Like, alot of the dinos are already very close with their movement/animation. Also while playing, i can see some environment changes (foliage, rocks, trees, etc.). Performance is insanely good (80+ FPS in all levels, higher most times).

Ive been so involved in deving JE, that it was just nice to stop working, and just play it. See what you want to do, with what you see. And of course, how can it be better. Add it to the workflow, and make it happen. Im most excited to get to the dino animation/movement/behavior pass, cant wait to see the dinos looking great, as someone here once said, “they are the stars of the show, make them good, take the time”.

Hope everyones projects are going well, AND your having fun doing so 🙂

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