Final Level Info

Heya, heres the last 3 species, of the last/final level. (left to right) Spinosaurus(1), Acrocanthosaurus (2), and Orthros(1). Remember, spinosaurus is over 50 feet long, and the final boss.

  • Spino: is the king lizards. Very big, but not really slow either. New scientific discoveries are now showing proof that spino was actually a water dino, a swimmer predator.
  • Orthros: is a very different dino, an evolutionary mistake, or genetic abnormality. He has 2 heads, is a quadraped, so he moves fast, and can bite you with either or both heads.
  • Acrocanthosaurus: is actually alot like gigantosaurus, but smaller, and more streamlined. Its jaw design is very different, unlike a t-rex or carnotaur.

Ive already started work on level 7, and working on some terrain/area ideas. I expect this last level to take about a week. Ill be updating with progress:

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