RoadMap And New Dino

My game plan has worked out perfect, and the workflow is just plain fun. Im now seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Plan was for around 7-8 levels, im now starting level 6, so progress has been great!. Im more excited for the other half of the game dev, which will be:

  • Dino animation/movement.
  • UI/beastiary.
  • Sound/audio.
  • Cinematics/dialogue.
  • Ending scene.

Once the last level is complete, i still have those to do, and should be fun. Also forgot to add, promotional material (video/SS, with official logo, etc.). The back-end of game dev will come into play, and theres always time for improvements to the levels. Once all the levels are finished, now we can modify, adjust, add, etc. (fine tune). Oh, Gigantosaurus was imported to the dino lab, and is currently being worked on:

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