Heya, let me explain this next SS. This is my “dino lab”, where i mod, and experiment with bone structures, textures, animations, etc., before they go into JE. On the left is a creation ive been working on…MegaRaptor (real dino, look him up) 25 feet long, lol, and on the right is a equally scaled ProtoRaptor (both at 0.6),. This is for comparison. Youll notice these things in the SS:

  • Head on mega is not as wide, is taller, and set lower on the neck.
  • Forelimbs are more forward, and arms set higher, for better use of them.
  • Toes and claws scale is bigger, megaraptor used its feet to more dig into the ground for faster running (30+ MPH).
  • Tail is longer and thicker, as for his scale, you would need it that way to balance better during running.

Still a WIP, but looking better all the time. The custom texture is killer good, love the look, major detail. I have Allosaurus and Gigantosaurus models in the lab, more on that later:

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