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Level 6 Info

Heya, have some good news, 1st of all got internet back (lost it for a bit), and have a great idea for level 6, that ive been testing. Idea is for an area thats under water. Now i know UFPS v1.7.5 doesnt have a swimming addon, but has been working out really cool without it, lol.

Theres no breath timer, but you do have to watch your ammo, or youll be going back out of the water to get more ammo. Im now adjusting camera effects, and adding in dinos AI. If this works out, ill also be adding under water plants, rocks, etc. More soon, when i have everything tested :)🙂

Compy Cave

Just wanted to show the updated compy cave in level 5, theres quite a few of them in this area:

Gigantophis Fight

Sup guys, had to work the last 2 nights, as well as take a lesson each night. Had time to finish up some things on level 5, and outlined level 6. The weekend has just started, so good things to come. This is a test video i did while updating the dmg to ammo rate (assault rifle) for Gigantophis, you have to keep moving when fighting him:

RoadMap And New Dino

My game plan has worked out perfect, and the workflow is just plain fun. Im now seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Plan was for around 7-8 levels, im now starting level 6, so progress has been great!. Im more excited for the other half of the game dev, which will be:

  • Dino animation/movement.
  • UI/beastiary.
  • Sound/audio.
  • Cinematics/dialogue.
  • Ending scene.

Once the last level is complete, i still have those to do, and should be fun. Also forgot to add, promotional material (video/SS, with official logo, etc.). The back-end of game dev will come into play, and theres always time for improvements to the levels. Once all the levels are finished, now we can modify, adjust, add, etc. (fine tune). Oh, Gigantosaurus was imported to the dino lab, and is currently being worked on:


Level 5 is almost finished. Been working on it all weekend, but wanted to show the Gigantophis (giant snake). Ill be finishing last minute adjustments and additions, then will be starting on level 6 this week:

Level 5 Roadmap Update

Ok, got some good roadmap updates. In level 5 your 1st encounter will be with Pachycephalosaurus (when attacking, he lowers his head to align with his spine, and rams you with his dome shaped head, which by the way is 10 inches thick).

Next area will be a “cave complex”, a very cool idea, you will encounter Compsonagthus (compy’s), and a surprise boss…Gigantophis, a giant snake!. Will be a interesting level to dev, and alot of fun 🙂 Pachy left the dino lab, and is now in game. The texture has changed, came out nice, and base animations are damn good:


We have a new member of JE, the Styracosaurus. Looks a bit like a Triceratops, but is half the size. Fully tested and modded, texture has alot of detail, and will be in level 5:


Heya, let me explain this next SS. This is my “dino lab”, where i mod, and experiment with bone structures, textures, animations, etc., before they go into JE. On the left is a creation ive been working on…MegaRaptor (real dino, look him up) 25 feet long, lol, and on the right is a equally scaled ProtoRaptor (both at 0.6),. This is for comparison. Youll notice these things in the SS:

  • Head on mega is not as wide, is taller, and set lower on the neck.
  • Forelimbs are more forward, and arms set higher, for better use of them.
  • Toes and claws scale is bigger, megaraptor used its feet to more dig into the ground for faster running (30+ MPH).
  • Tail is longer and thicker, as for his scale, you would need it that way to balance better during running.

Still a WIP, but looking better all the time. The custom texture is killer good, love the look, major detail. I have Allosaurus and Gigantosaurus models in the lab, more on that later:

Reply To Some…

Ive been asked whats my favorite SS of Jurassic Extinction…Here it is, and is my personal desktop background. How can you not love the smiling faces at lunch?, lol.

Level 4 Finished

Finished level 4 tonight, came out great!, and had fun deving it. One thing i noticed was the baryonyx dinos, stock they move really good, lol. I havent touched their animations or anything yet, but their movement is damn close. Ive set up the terrain for level 5, and onward we roll. Here a SS of area 3, ill post video later on: