Intro Story Line

Here is the intro to the game story line, welcome on the roller coaster i call my head, lol. Seriously, the whole story is written out, with encounters, strange events, anomalies, time warps, etc., but this will get you started:

Your name is SGT John Paul Dupree, a Army officer on a flight back to the states from Japan, you served your duty, its time to go home. On the flight is your best friend and commanding officer MAJ Stephen Keys, pilot Scott Tailor, and journalist/photographer Willy Santana.

A sudden storm appears, and a big bang is heard… (pilot scott tailor): “you better jump, engine 2 is out and we’re going down!”. You, steve and willy decide to grab parachutes and bail, as you open the cargo door, a freakish bolt of ligtning hits you…thats the last you remember…

You awake to find your in a strange place, with what looks to be a tropical type environment, but not one you have ever seen before, something is different. (you): “where the hell am i?”, wonder if any of the others landed here?”, only 1 way to find out”.

As you walk towards god knows what, you are startled by the sound of something, you have never heard before (a dilophosaurus call). You stop, and look, and what you see, you cant believe…(you): “dinosaurs?” “what the hell kind of place is this?”. You have a knife, and pistol with 1 clip. (you): “Well this isnt good”.

With quick thinking and well aimed shots, you kill the 2 dilophosaurs… (you): “Ya know, i just wanted to go home, damnit”… As you progress you come to a skeleton, wearing a distinctive pistol holster. (you): “Steve!…it, it, cant be?, we just landed an hour or two ago, how can you be decomposed already?”, (you yell out loud): “What the hell is going on?, where am i?”… Welcome to Jurassic Extinction…

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