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This is a post from the official Jurassic Extinction Unity forum thread, i wanted to share:

Glad you asked that. Well, i took the good advice from @MD_Reptile. I wrote down every aspect of the game out, everything, story line, hdrp (pros/cons), built-in renderer (pros/cons), systems, etc. etc. (it took 2 nights, lol). Ive sat down and seriously thought it all out, and realisticly. Also im not done, so i probably wont post for another few nights at least.

Yes the dinos have run attacks, they are assigned, i just havent adjusted those attacks yet, and heres why. One of the biggest changes ive made has been movement and behavour. My teacher asked me “you did real good, but you totally missed one giant factor…behavour… dinos dont just patrol, waiting for the player or another dino.” hes right. 2nd one is foliage. Trees dont grow straight up like a stop sign.

The above video in HDRP with t-rex should be a big hint to you all, if you look. Thats a “visual scene” (not a game), that i did as a project for my lessons. Theres alot more detail, but its just the basic camera view (no controller) like many different scales of rock, trees that are randomly angled, etc, with a light ground fog, and behavour..t-rex is eating his latest kill (a Carnotaur), looking around and roaring warnings to anything around.

This is why i havent been posting much, as im working out the workflow. But i can say this, what you see in the above video is curretly being tested on a bit bigger scale (terrain scale is 256 x 256), with dinos acting like dinos, killing/eating of other dinos, some sitting on their eggs, co-ordinated attack patterns ive added to raptor species, etc. Movement and behavour is being addressed.

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