A Little Worried…

In the U.S., every major city in the country is breaking out into large riots, people being shot, buisnesses destroyed, homes destroyed, people run over by cars, total unrest in its worst form. So even though im still working on the game, its going slow, as im distracted by all of it. This is my personal Facebook post, i just made a few mins ago:

Im truely worried for my friends and family, all of you. The goverment is out of hand, the people are out of hand, and even the cops are out of hand. This is damn crazy. Marshall law might be next.

To all of you in N.H., most everyone here carries anyway, but, just in case these idiots try and pull something in N.H., i advise this… If you dont have a gun, better get one fast, no joke. Buy one, borrow one, etc., cause this country is out of hand.Protect yourself, your family, friends, and anyone you can.

DO NOT let these idiots ruin your life, your home, or your livelyhood. Dont be a statistic, may god be with us all.

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