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New Member Of JE

Sorry for the late update, but i took a long weekend off from all work, but i have alot of great news. Level 4 is coming along great, ive also been working on a few of the dinos. Theres also a new addition to JE…the Acrocanthosaurus. So im looking up the data on him (speed, scale, diet, behavior, etc.) and will work on him tonight.

Also level 4 is a dfifferent level, as this is where (story line/roadmap) you will encounter the 1st living human you have seen since the start. Im currently working on that senario and set up. Well after my small vacation im excited to get back to work on JE. Heres a test SS of Acrocanthosaurus, he looks great stock:

Character Development

Tonight after class, mike and i were talking about classic games, one in particular. Duke Nukem, the 1 “liners” were great, lol (“i came here to chew bubble gum and kick ass, but im all out of bubble gum”).

And it got us thinking about JE. He said i should take the main character, and make more of a 1 or 2 “liner” type dialogue. And i like that idea, simpler, whitty, and more direct. So once voice/cut scenes are being developed, it will be set up this way. Ill come up with some good 1 or 2 “liners”, and add them in, lol. It will spice it up and make it more fun 🙂

Intro Story Line

Here is the intro to the game story line, welcome on the roller coaster i call my head, lol. Seriously, the whole story is written out, with encounters, strange events, anomalies, time warps, etc., but this will get you started:

Your name is SGT John Paul Dupree, a Army officer on a flight back to the states from Japan, you served your duty, its time to go home. On the flight is your best friend and commanding officer MAJ Stephen Keys, pilot Scott Tailor, and journalist/photographer Willy Santana.

A sudden storm appears, and a big bang is heard… (pilot scott tailor): “you better jump, engine 2 is out and we’re going down!”. You, steve and willy decide to grab parachutes and bail, as you open the cargo door, a freakish bolt of ligtning hits you…thats the last you remember…

You awake to find your in a strange place, with what looks to be a tropical type environment, but not one you have ever seen before, something is different. (you): “where the hell am i?”, wonder if any of the others landed here?”, only 1 way to find out”.

As you walk towards god knows what, you are startled by the sound of something, you have never heard before (a dilophosaurus call). You stop, and look, and what you see, you cant believe…(you): “dinosaurs?” “what the hell kind of place is this?”. You have a knife, and pistol with 1 clip. (you): “Well this isnt good”.

With quick thinking and well aimed shots, you kill the 2 dilophosaurs… (you): “Ya know, i just wanted to go home, damnit”… As you progress you come to a skeleton, wearing a distinctive pistol holster. (you): “Steve!…it, it, cant be?, we just landed an hour or two ago, how can you be decomposed already?”, (you yell out loud): “What the hell is going on?, where am i?”… Welcome to Jurassic Extinction…

Trex Area Final

Finished up the Trex area, and finished his attacks, etc. Very little left to do to level 3, so tonight i start on level 4 terrain. Love how this area came out, my new desktop background:

Trex Area Update

I worked on Trex tonight. His behavior, and animations are done, still need to do movement, but looking good as a base. Bubbling lava and steam has been added.

Dont disturb him when hes eating, and this is why you dont bring a knife to a gun fight, lol (dmg, weapon not set, and pick up crate not stocked, will be shotgun):

Trex Re-Texture

Ive decided to re-texture Trex, this is a light brown shade, which blends in very nicely. Its actually lighter shaded color of the protoraptors texture, and it looks so much better:

Level 3 Update

After teaching tonight, had time to work on Level 3, and its now 80% done!, and looking great (tropical environment), and performance is 90+ FPS. Next is adding AI/behavior/motion on dinos, for the next few nights. By this next weekend ill be starting on level 4. Heres a quick run through video:

Level 3 Quick WIP

Heres a SS of level 3 These are the changes to the level, and whats there:

  • Replaced cargo ship with a fishing boat, this way my protoraptors can be on the ground.
  • Im not adding the flyers (pteranodon/dimorphodon) to this level, they will be in a different level more suited for them.
  • Dinos are (from right to left) protoraptors, oviraptors, troodons, and t-rex.

Weekend has just started, so more videos and info soon, its back to work for me 🙂


Jurassic Extinction RoadMap

Thought id take a few minutes and let you know the current roadmap for JE.

  • Plan is to create all levels 1st (there will be around 8 levels).
  • Add in and create GUI.
  • Cinematics (intro scene, cut scenes, ending scene, etc.).
  • Promotional material (videos, screenshots, etc.).

Most of the roadmap is already in progress, but ill keep you all informed of progress as time and decisions are made.

Note: the new workflow is just so damn good, very easy to dev levels and content, and performance is fantastic. Currently all levels are performing at 80+ FPS, exactly where i want to be. The visuals/GFX are really good for a built-in renderer version.

Last Minute Details

Tonights work was fun, alot finished up on level 2. Ill be doing a few last minute things, then im going to start working on the terrain for level 3. Now level 3 if you remember, is ProtoRaptor (on the cargo ship), oviraptor (on the beach), pteranodon and dimorphodons (suspended bridge area), and t-rex as the final boss’s. This should be fun, lol.

Currently we are running at 80+ FPS/ms, and thats with a bigger scene, so optimization has gone great. Heres the current update, and SS:

  • Added dead trees, stumps, Dropped the height of the ground fog, and added mud ground texture, to the sarcosucus area.
  • Added dead trees, stumps, and bushes to carnotaur area.
  • Optimized and adjusted underwater camera effects (Aquas) in the gastornis/ship area.
  • Reduced audio level of ambient sound, again.