Level 3 Terrain Update

Heres the updated terrain for level 3. Theres a few things you need to know. As you can see, i take the orig gaia terrain, and once ive set up the layout of the level, i cut off any terrain that isnt used, or player cant see. The mountain you see?…its hollow, lol. I used the paint hole function in unity. and hollowed it out.

  • Cargo ship with my protoraptors added, Oviraptors, compy’s, and t-rex added (static for scale).
  • The area in the NW will be the t-rex/lava area.
  • Still have 1-2 more species to add.

This level is going to be real fun, and heres why: the level is a bit bigger, so you be blasting away at alot more species, and the boss’s of the level are the t-rex (x2), good luck, lol. The SS might look bright, but its because my directional light, skybox, shadows, and post processing is all pre set up and on.

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