Website/Blog Development

ALOT of you are asking questions about what i use to create this site, and how i did it. A website/blog is alot like developing a game, its visual. Of course what i use is heavily modified (code, textures, images, are all custom). So heres a basic workflow for a website/blog:

  • Use a PHP based/coded CMS (content management software). WordPress, and PHP Fusion are my 2 favs, for alot of reasons.
  • Once installed, install any plug-ins/add-ons to add to your security/anti-spam.
  • Try and keep systems seperate, even though they may integrate together (main site, forums, etc.) as much as possible.
  • Optimize all textures, images, and audio for best performance.
  • Now customize the site.
  • Last but NOT least (and i repeat this saying alot in game dev teaching) BACK UP YOUR DATA, ALWAYS.

If you follow this workflow, you WILL have success, and if you have image/texture skills, and a bit of coding skills, you can do anything. 🙂

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