Wanted to let all inspiring game devs (that visit here) know, your not alone. Hopefully by this weekend, ill have the forums up and running. But if theres anything or any way i can help, please dont be afraid to ask questions, and no question is too stupid, we are all at different levels of knowledge.

I teach game development (Unity), as well as take lessons from a large known studio development team member (thnx mike!), and have very eager students myself (i call them sponges, cause they want to soak it all up, lol). Even the best game devs learn all the time, or your not working hard enough 🙂

I will be posting here more as a priority, over the Unity JE Forum thread. This site/blog is my personal record of the dev process for Jurassic Extinction, and other projects to come. Once the forums are up, ill be giving away assets (ones that i can legally give), providing help for those in need, and hints and tips on game development.

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