Website/Blog Upgrade

Ive been asked quite a few times about wordpress, security, etc. I can tell you this…i will be upgrading to PHP Fusion. PHP is one of the best CMS base solutions out there, hands down, and security is top notch.

PHP Fusion is updated (2020) constantly (unlike PHP Nuke). Im currently looking at PHP Fusion “themes” for the site, which i will customize to my taste. Ill also be setting up PHP BB, the best PHP based forum software.

I will set it up with a self “back up” system for all databases. Once the site is set up, youll see what a functional, secure, CMS system it really is, and very easy to use. Im really tight on time, Jurassic Extinction development is in its final phase, and needs my full attention. BUT, i will work out time to upgrade the site…i promise 🙂

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