Great News!

Im so excited that i cant hold back!. This weekend ill be posting video of the current and FINAL workflow for Jurassic Extinction. I promise you, you wont be disappointed. Im actually looking at the 1st level in awe. Its so good that i just cant believe i created it.

Some info: Gaia terrains with full ground textures, tree spawning etc., and navmesh working great. PPE is fully implimented, and with a finished 1st level we are at 115+ FPS! (7.0 ms). Things have fallen into place like a glove, the exact workflow and look i imagined since i started this project. Hard work has paid off.

Work flow: Set up terrain with Gaia, bake navmesh, spawn ground textures, trees and grass, Modify terrain where needed, add in dinos, props, and UFPS controller. Add and adjust PPE, and complete with a hue pass on vegetation. Thank you all for the interest and inspiration, love you all, now lets get this damn thing done, lol. Finally hit one “out of the park”, going out in my new truck, and time to celebrate 🙂

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