For Users Of Gaia

Ive solved a prob that myself and other users of Gaia have had, with NavMesh. Heres the prob, and the solve (also applies to HDRP):

Everytime i created a terrain with Gaia, no matter what i tried, when the terrain was done, and i spawned ground textures, or spawned trees, NavMesh wouldnt bake right. It would only bake small pieces, here and there, and not cover the areas completely.

The answer is: right after you stamp the terrain stop. Dont spawn textures, or change anything. Bake your NavMesh right away. If you dont bake it right after you stamp, navmesh stops working, or doesnt cover.

I dont know if its a compat issue with unity 2019.3.8f1 (what im using), or an issue with unity’s navmesh system, or its Gaia itself. Ill backtrace and try and figure out the root cause when i have time.

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