More Good News

Heya guys, i have more good news, i just added all of the grass to the scene/level, and we are at 85-90 FPS. If my calculations are correct, HDRP should be no problem for JE!! Keep in mind that HDRP isnt easy to dev with, almost everything you do, impacts performance. Thanks to my teacher i had some tricks up my sleeve, and they worked great.

Even if at the end of a complete scene/level im at 60+ FPS, thats good enough for me, and now we can have HDRP (you guys asked for it). Theres not much more to add into the 1st scene, so my calculations read that when complete ill be around 60-70 FPS, ill take it, lol. And theres still alot more optimization/tricks i can do if needed.

HDRP will work fine for the project, i just want a final workflow for HDRP, so i can finish the project. I really only have 1 concern…clouds. As so far ive imported and tried a few, and even modded them heavily, but they have a big impact on performance. Not to worry ill work something out, i always do 🙂


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