Project Update

Ok guys, ive set up a JE 3 HDRP server, imported all assets/systems, and terrain from Gaia. Working real good. Currently with PPE, terrain and textures im at 150 FPS at 5.0 MS. Not bad. Another solution/asset ive been investigating is The Vegetation Engine. This will allow me to have not only wind effects on foliage, but also “touch bend” effects, with very low impact on performance.

HDRP, touch bend/wind effects on foliage, on a smaller scale terrain, so far is working out nice. If im to use HDRP (and its new systems, volumes, HDRISky, etc.) the project as a whole, needs to be scaled back a bit (terrain resolution-wise, and object-wise). This builds more “headroom”, and we need that. So if everyone wants HDRP build, ill give it to you, but…its just going to take a bit longer, but i dont mind at all (youve seen the HDRP tests).

Any asset i use in the project is imported, optimized, and then checked with the profiler, and tested for FPS and MS. Not all assets/systems fit well with HDRP, most of the time its modification/custom script changes to get it right. My teacher uses a heavily modified version of Gaia, like the Darkfall dev team does. So ive been taught to slow down, modify assets, and get things into perspective. Weekend is here, SS/video to follow 


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