In-Dev SS

Sup guys, wanted to share a WIP SS of the 1st level. Got alot done in just a few hours:

  • Stamped out terrain with Gaia, textured terrain, and added trees.
  • Added in the UFPS controller.
  • Added post processing.
  • Set up volumetric clouds.
  • Added in the 1st dilophosaur.

So far things are working out great, in just a few hours, good progress. This 1st level is called The Valley. High mountains surround the area, with a forest setting. By the time the 2019 LTS version is released, i should have at least 2-3 levels completed. Gaia has been a life and time saver, Opsives new 3rd person controller works flawlessly, loving it, and EmeraldAI will polish off the rest. Heres the WIP SS:

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