Little Secret…

While learning HDRP, ive also been working on the built-in version, by applying what ive learned in a HDRP perspective/workflow. This video showcases the following updates (to built-in renderer version):

  • Complete hue/color pass done to all foliage.
  • Dilophosaur material adjustment, to Normal map (more boney type look).
  • Removed current GUI (easy main menu), will worry about GUI later on.
  • Alot of custom shader/mat work.

Next up is grass support, will be looking into shaders, textures, and mats. The height is good, but the resolution/detail isnt where it should be. This is a more solid approach, then full on HDRP. FPS is at 80-90, which leaves me “headroom” for added systems/features. The video speaks for itself:

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