HDRP Port Update

Heres the updates so far:

  • Hue pass was done.
  • UltimateUFPS controller added in.
  • Added light fog.
  • Finished material conversions.
  • Added tall grass.

This video is of level 1 area 1 converted to HDRP. Now, ive added 1 type of grass (still need to add more), and everything is optimized, most all textures are 1024 or lower, using 5 PPE’s, physicly based sky, and only 2 things are new/added, the grass (which was missing) and controller. The best performance i can get is around 50 FPS, and i havent added grass to the other 2 areas. I had better performance with the HDRP Test level 70+ FPS (finished scene). Must dig deeper, lol:

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