Ok, ive done alot of base work to the JE HDRP port. Heres what i can remember, lol:

  • Finished the alpha clip/cutoff on all foliage/adjust geometry.
  • Imported and set up EmeraldAI.
  • Imported and set up UltimateUFPS v2.0.
  • Imported and set up CloudsToy.
  • HDRP wind/foliage shader support added.
  • Removed “missing mono scripts” entries on some objects, due to JE build is from Built-in renderer version.

Now, most of you know, some dont. All changes made are “project-wide”. If i make a change to say a palm prefab in project window, it will reflect those changes to ALL palms in the whole project. Saves time. If you look shadows are way off (surprise). Contact shadows have been adjusted by a factor of -30%. I have to set up shadows 1st, as a hue pass will be the next step.:

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