Good News

Heya guys, great news, porting over to HDRP wasnt bad at all. Im in the process of converting materials to hdrp lit shader (that the auto-converter didnt get), and my custom wind/foliage shader. Everything is there, only thing missing is the grass, which i expected. So now its just convert mats and re-add grass (my hdrp grass, used in the test).

Some things to note: 1st person controllers are a no no in HDRP. So you guys are getting the shiny new UltimateUFPS v2.0 controller (3rd person). Also Aquas2 doesnt support HDRP, so ill be using Crest, another great water prog with HDRP support. Cant wait till JE is fully HDRP converted, gonna look great! Its funny i thought to myself while working, “your really modding your own game, lol”, thats what it feels like. Heres a SS, just finished the rocks, ground textures, and kapok vine trees, and got photo-bombed by the dilophosaur, lol:

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