Well after over a week of being schooled, and my testing results, i really like HDRP, alot. Ive decided to convert JE to HDRP (in process as we speak). Will take a bit as thats 4 levels (scenes) worth to convert over. Ill spend tonight and tomorrow after work, converting mats, removing unsupported assets, changing shaders and getting it all set up.

If things go nice, then ill just continue on with work where i left off. If not, then ill be starting from the latest HDRP JE test scene and go forward. Even if i use the HDRP test scene, wont lose much time wise, as its already set up for JE anyway, lol. Also when that scene was finished, it was running 70-80 FPS, with full PPE, volumetric sun shafts, etc.

Either way, and even with this pandemic going on, i have arranged my lessons, full time job, and personal life, so i can devote alot more time to JE. The updates and work will resume as soon as i have the orig JE ported over, and see next step.

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