My teacher asked a good question today…”Warthos, what do you want for jurassic extinction? Meaning, not what others want, or what you think they want, but what do YOU want?”. My brain started to smoke, lol.

I said…”to be honest, all the assets, models, workflow and ideas are set, i can transfer JE to anything, and its still going to look like JE, and my work. What do I want?…i want (as you have taught me) HDRP, with good/decent performance, which adds the ability to port to x-box and playstation, as well as higher end PC”.

Mike said, “your theory, workflow, and “pre-optimize/set up things”, attitude shows. A good practice to have. Your next step and lesson will be in shader support. We have talked about this…”.

Ive learned so much its crazy, hard to take it all in. I have to admit…ive been “weak” (mikes phrase) with shader support. Good news is, JE is now 2019.3.8f1 ported (built in renderer). Ive set up a new server (JE-HDRP), and while i learn, i update JE at the same time. Mike will play it and pick things out that arent “fitting in”, then i know what my next lesson will be on. He has also got me into Quixel Mixer, love it alot!.

JE has gone through alot of “learning and development” phases, but as you have seen…its always been for the better. If JE is to be a “good” game”, it has to have the best GFX/aesthetics it can, and the best performance/gameplay/story that i can dev.

Ill try and post when i have time, heres my desktop screen shot, its JE’s main character (John Paul Dupree), after i finished his textures. This is in the HDRP version of JE, He will now be imported into UltimateUFPS v2.0 (3rd person) controller. The scene is a WIP. Just look at the great details and effects, im proud of that work. Tested a few dinos and they look insane in hdrp:

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