New Dino GFX Update

OMG, what have i done…Check out the video, i decided to add the gfx update to the carnotaurs before i went to bed, and what i saw was killer good. There are the changes:

-Specular shader added.
-Specular and reflection support added on material.
-Mip map streaming enabled.
-Texture res increased to 4096.

Cant wait to update ALL dinos, will be looking nice!. As i always say…it just keeps getting better. If you were right now to go to the asset store, and look up JP Carno, and look at what it is, then look at mine, your head would spin, as mine does. Im very proud of the texture/material/AI work ive done on these dinos, night and day, love it. Heres the eye candy:

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