Dimetrodon And Basics

This is Dimetrodon (level 4 area 1), and some of my best work on dinos in JE. He looks stunning, the high detail and solid vibrant color. Now, dime was a scavenger type. Top speed was 10 MPH, and scientific research reveals that the “sail fin” on his back was to warm his blood (most dinos in that era were cold blooded). So i made the sail fin colors a bit darker, as darker colors will absorb heat much better than light colors.

Dev info: when you grab a model asset for your game, or any asset, test it in a new project, DO NOT just import ANY asset till its been tested, and ALWAYS make up a backup of your game/project. I see peeps (alot) who dont backup their projects, import a bad asset, blam!, now the project is porked, (i have 4 backups, and 2 test servers).

You need to go through the model/asset completely, check rig, animations, import settings, LODS, materials/textures, etc. Once done, open the models texture, do any custom work, and adjust hue/saturation/sharpness (sometimes converting to “legacy colors” is needed, as it adds a more temperature/saturation type base).

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